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3. Noisiness Excess noisiness may also indicate a problem. A noisy, bumping sound when your car is in neutral requires an engine check. The solution is usually pretty simple. It might be low fluid. It could also be that the wrong fluid type was used, and it's not doing the job. On the other hand, it could be a problem with your bearings or gear teeth, which may need replacements.

4. Check Engine Light Though many drivers are used to ignoring a chronic check engine light, there are times to take it seriously. A red or blinking light is trying to alert you to an urgent problem. Sensors all around your vehicle can trip the warning system. Even something as inconsequential as a loose gas cap can set it off. When the transmission sensors set off the check engine light, it's a cause for concern. The sensors detect minute jerks and tremors that you wouldn't otherwise notice. Don't wait until you do notice them when a simple diagnostic scan could give you peace of mind.

5. No Response A functioning transmission will slide right into the proper gear. If your car is hesitating or giving you no response, something's wrong, and it's often the transmission. In a manual vehicle, this delayed shifting is accompanied by an RPM surge and engine noise that doesn't match your speed. It might just be your clutch, but the only way to know for sure is to take it in for service.

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