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Active Shift Control Recently, Hyundai developed an improved version of the transmission in hybrid cars. The hybrid car is special in that it has both a gasoline and an electric motor. The great advantage of this car is that it uses the electric motor at times when ordinary petrol cars have the highest fuel consumption - especially during start-up and acceleration.

In other words: When fuel consumption is highest, the hybrid car uses the electric motor. This gives a really good fuel economy and is also good for the environment.

However, Active Shift Control technology does even more for fuel economy, gearshift and gearbox durability. At the same time, the acceleration is getting better.

This is done by ASC, also known as Precise Shift Control, which optimizes the momentum and transfer of power to the wheels by streamlining the gear shift speed. This is achieved by a sensor in the electric motor detecting the revolutions in the gearbox, which is then synchronized with the electric motor. This one will then step in when gears are changed. In this way, energy losses are avoided by up to 30% due to the more smooth gear shift, where the electric motor keeps the car's revolutions high throughout the shift. The gear change time is reduced from 500 milliseconds to 350 milliseconds and the friction in the gearbox is less - which increases durability.

The technology is first introduced in Hyundai hybrid cars, and then in the well-known Kia models.

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