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Creedon's Auto Repair Salem MA. - What is The Proper Coolant Mix?

Antifreeze solution, in a proper mixture, will not freeze until air temperatures reach -35 degrees Fahrenheit, and will not boil until the solution reaches 223 degrees Fahrenheit

but how do you know you have to proper mix?

You can go to your local parts store and buy a good coolant tester between $10 and $20 dollars if you are good with DIY solutions but if you are not you can schedule an appointment with Creedon's Transmissions and we will provide you with a free visual safety inspection of your entire car and we will let you know what needs to be changed now and what can wait for later and offer you advice on maintaining your car without the sales pitch and all the dealership upselling.

Some questions you may have about antigel/anitfreeze or radiator coolant

Q. If I have a 1/2 used bottle on the shelf will it go bad?

A. No, coolant has no expiration date just make sure it doesnt have anything else in the jug and it is the right color coolant for your vehicle.

Q. Can I mix different color coolants or change my cars coolant color?

A. Mixing different color coolants is a mistake and can lead to expensive repairs. Two different types of coolants should never be mixed together they can form a thick gel that can completely stop all coolant flowing through your coolant system which can lead to overheating which can cause overheating and possibly severe engine problems and water pump problems

Q. Why do they have different color coolants?

A. Older coolants were usually blue or green in color. With these types of coolants, you would normally have to change them every two years, or every 60,000 miles but the orange coolants are designed to last much longer. Also they are different technologies orange is Dexcool and green is Glycol work in different ways.

Q. What is the correct Mix of antifreeze to water?

A. The mix should be a 50/50 Split on both types of coolant however on the GM website they are saying you should mix the DEXCOOL with Distilled water because this will remove any of the impurities and minerals in the water which can create a problem.

Creedon's Transmissions is dedicated to keeping our clients well informed about their vehicles and how to maintain them for many years of service beyond the factory warranty, and always we are only a phone call away Call us: (978) 744-0647

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