DSG-gearbox fix at Creedon's Transmissions

DSG-gearbox The DSG gearbox is in a way a mix between manual and automatic gear, in that there is a clutch in the car. This is unlike other fully automatic gearboxes. There is no clutch pedal, but the function of the clutch itself is retained in a dual clutch, which provides for easy and quick gear change. This gearbox is most often found in Audi, Škoda and Volkswagen cars, and thus generally in the larger German vehicle fleet. Some problems with the DSG gearbox are that you need to be more careful with its maintenance. If you do not get service on the DSG gearbox, and make sure to have the gearbox oil and oil filter changed, it can only last a relatively short time compared to the manual gearboxes. You should preferably have a service inspection done per 38,000 miles traveled because the gears in the gearbox may be affected by wear-related dust and sediments.

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