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Maintaining Your Automatic Transmission

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission it's important to understand your car won’t run without a fully functioning transmission, so let's take a look at how you can keep it running right. There are some easy ways to keep an eye on how your transmission is working so you can determine whether you need to take it in for a transmission service or repair. Maintaining your automatic transmission regularly will end up saving you money and extend the life of your vehicle and you should definitely follow your maintenance schedule for all services.

Check your transmission fluid, If you have a manual transmission vehicle, this may not be an option for you – or at least may not be as easy. However, if you have an automatic transmission in your vehicle, you will likely have a second dipstick under the hood of your vehicle just for checking your transmission fluid level. Most people have checked their oil level before and checking the transmission fluid level is similar. In addition to looking at the level of fluid, you will want to pay attention to its color, smell, and consistency.

Try not to Shift Gears Until You’re Fully Stopped For automatic transmissions when you shift from reverse into drive while your vehicle is still moving, you’re putting an extra strain on your automatic transmission. That can lead to serious problems down the road and it will shorten the life of your vehicle's transmission, which can cost you a lot more money.

Don’t Ride Your Brake pedal because when you keep your foot on the brake while also accelerating, you’re not just wearing down your brakes faster but you are putting an undue strain on your automatic transmission because the vehicle is working against itself. Over time, this is going to make the parts inside your transmission wear out faster.

Pay Attention to Engine Temperature because extreme cold or heat can make your transmission react differently and can possibly damage the longevity of your vehicle.

While the temperature outside is important we must also pay attention to the internal temperature of your engine through the cooling system. If you notice your cooling system temperature gauge is moving higher and working overtime, it may be time to get it checked because If your engine is consistently running warmer than usual, it can cause extra wear and tear on the parts inside your transmission, leading to costly transmission repairs.

Be Mindful of Using a Spare Tire for a long period of time because driving on mismatched tires can cause an extra strain on your vehicle's transmission.

Listen to your vehicle's noises and pay attention to how your vehicle drives and changes gears. If you notice something is becoming more difficult or erratic, there may be a problem with your automatic transmission. In this case, you can check your transmission fluid level but you should also make an appointment with Creedon's Transmissions to get it diagnosed.

If you’re noticing a problem with how your vehicle runs, you need to bring your vehicle Creedon's Transmissions

There are some transmission services you should get done on a regular basis including a Transmission Fluid Change & Flush.

Check your owner’s manual for specific intervals for your car but most cars require a transmission fluid change or flush every 100,000 miles. Transmissions are a sealed system but over time the automatic transmission fluid inside will become increasingly dirty and contaminated from the environment and wearing down of parts.

If you keep up with checking your transmission fluid level and consistency, you can catch any minor problems before they cause more serious problems. If you’re noticing difficulty or erratic gear shifting. A fluid change and a transmission flush may be the problem. When you get a transmission flush, almost 100% of the transmission fluid will be replaced, whereas doing a simple transmission drain and refill may retain some of the older transmission fluid.

A transmission fluid flush will also loosen some of the extra debris that may be inside your transmission, helping keep your new transmission fluid cleaner longer.

Your transmission filter is placed between the transmission pan, where the oil sits, and the rest of the transmission. It filters out debris and contaminants from the transmission fluid so that it causes less wear and tear on your automatic transmission. As your transmission filter ages, it accumulates more contaminants and is less likely to keep them out of the rest of your transmission.

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If you suspect you have a problem with your car’s transmission, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment with your local Utah transmission experts. Creedon's Transmissions Salem MA offers a wide range of transmission repair services, so no matter what your car needs, we can help.

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