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Sequential gearbox Some cars also have a sequential gearbox where, as the name suggests, you have to pass each gear whether you are gearing up or down. You therefore shift gears in sequences on a pair of cogwheels, and unlike the manual gearbox, you can only switch to a gear that comes before or after the current one. This is because the gears are "in line" as opposed to the H format, which you know from a manual transmission. Finally, the advantage is that you can shift between the gears faster and get a faster acceleration, which is why the sequential gearbox is found in many racing cars. #creedontransmissions#creedonstransmission #autorepair #transmissionsrepair #salemmassachusetts #salem #salemtransmissions #car #automotive #automotiverepair #automotiveengeneering #overhauls #carservice #appointmentsavailable

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